Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Well Call Me Embarrassed


I had a completely embarrassing brain fog moment happen the other day. :oS I went to lunch with a friend at a restaurant in our area. When I went to place my order I froze. Just seconds before I knew what I had wanted to order. Seriously! And then I just couldn't remember any longer. The harder I tried the farther away the answer seemed. And while the cashier was politely smiling at me I knew she was interested in finshing my order and helping the line forming behind me. It was so frustrating. I frantically read down the line of salad names and said the name of the one I thought I wanted.

When I went to pick up my food and got back to the table I realized it wasn't the one that I had wanted. I was so embarrassed that I briefly thought about just eating the salad because I didn't want to have to explain myself. I tried. I really tried to eat it, but I didn't like it.

So I found myself slowly trudging up to the counter to very shamefully admit that I had ordered the wrong thing. Fortunately for me, the staff was very understanding and replaced my salad with the one I had originally wanted, no questions asked. I think I got off easy that time!

I could have let it ruin my meal and time out with my friend. Instead I realized that this is one of the first times that I remember actually having been affected by brain fog in front of strangers. All the other times I have been surrounded by friends who know about my brain fog and understand that it's just Kristen being Kristen, or I have been able to easily cover my mistakes.

So I decided to not stew in my embarrassment all day and have great memory to leave the restaurant with. I bought a five dollar gift card and handed it to the first person I encountered heading into the restaurant. As I was walking away she tearfully yelled after me, "Why?". I replied, "Because it's Christmas!". While I backed my car out of the spot I saw her excitedly blowing me kisses and waving like I had just made her day. I don't know if I did make her day. But I know she made mine!


Anita Stafford said...

Kristen, I totally understand the brain fog. It it so embarrassing to me when it hits. It sounds like you handled your episode quite well though! Happy New Year dear!

Blogger Mama said...

It helps knowing others have to deal with the brain fog! Friends try to commiserate by saying they have dealt with it. But I have no way of explaining that it's just not the same thing.

Happy New Year to you Anita!!