Monday, February 10, 2014

Day Trip

My hubbster decided to surprise L and I with a day trip. It's the first day that has been relatively "warm" in forever. So we wanted to take advantage of it. We heard that the lake, at our favorite camp ground, was frozen over. As in, people were ice fishing on the middle of the lake, frozen over. While, this most likely has happened many times in the past, this is something I have never seen in the 31 years that I have been camping there with my family.

The sun was out for our trip. That alone made me happy as I soaked in it's rays of warmth. Add that to the fact that I always feel as if I am "going home" when I am on my way to this campground, because of all the amazing memories attached to the place, and I was giddy. Like a puppy! If I had a tail I would have been wagging it!

To give you a full idea of what we got to see today here are some photos of what we are used to
seeing when we go to the lake.

Instead when we got to the lake we found all of this...
 Hello crazieness!!
 Boy did I have fun watching her walk across the ice to get to the snow covered section of lake!

 Ice fishing!

 We walked the entire length of that lake. Right across the middle, which is something like twenty feet deep!
 A frozen ice fishing hole. I loved the little air bubble that got trapped when it froze.
 I love the "line" in this picture!
I know I silly getting so geeked out about walking across a frozen lake. Oh well!!

Now I am recuperating on the couch. Turns out the sun was really shiny for us, but the wind froze us through. Brrr! So my body decided later on in the evening that it was REALLY not happy with me for this trek. I'm willing to deal with it for such a fun experience.

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