Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scam Artist

My girly, it seems, has finally caught on that sometimes we just have to do things differently to accommodate on "bad Sjogren's days". My husband has called for "pizza and couch" dinners in the past. I have sat on a stool while puttering around the kitchen and driven not even half a block to drop L off at the bus stop to avoid standing outside in the cold. Recently, I have been seen wandering my house in layers of clothing with my housecoat on top of it all, wrapped in my winter scarf (yes, an actual scarf not the thin pretty decorative kind), hood up with a few hand warmers haphazardly shoved into the big pocket of my sweatshirt hoodie, several pairs of socks and a worn in pair of "fur" lined slippers add to the look, while my hands furiously grip a steaming cup of drink. I really do look like I decided to wear everything I own all at the same time. Thank goodness my family (and anyone who might show up at my house) knows why I would look like that because otherwise I'm pretty sure that I just look like a nut job with a little bit of crazy old cat lady thrown in there for good measure. Oh my!

This morning while we were snuggling in bed my girly noticed all the layers. I saw her eyes were alight with the same glee they held the night before as she picked out her dessert following dinner and then I heard her sweet little voice say,

"Mama, I really think it would be a good idea for you to have some hot chocolate this afternoon to warm you up. ...And I can have some too to keep you company!"

That little scam artist!!! Who does she think she is?! Clearly, we need to have a chat about not using empathy for your own advantages. Well!.......

....Can't forget the whip cream!....

....After she's in bed!

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