Tuesday, March 11, 2014


In church the other day I was reminded that it's important for us to share our fears and troubles with others and not keep up "the perfect christian" facade with the world. I was encouraged by the thought this past weekend. However, the more I think about it the more confused I feel. Or maybe that is a poor way of phrasing things. I suppose it's more that I am playing "Devil's advocate" with myself about this thought.

How do you keep the "walls down" and let the world know that you need help? Especially when you theoretically could need help all the time. And when no one asks?

How do I share my troubles? When people (family, friends, or acquaintances) ask, "How are you?", do they really want to know that my body hurts just moving it, or that my energy levels are crazy low just from doing my every day mom duties? Or do they just want a simple, "I'm good. How are you?". Do they really want to know? Or has it just become an expected social nicety that doesn't even register with the asker? And how many times can you reply honestly before a person stops asking?

I guess I may never come up with answers for myself, as my thoughts change about this. But I do know that my husband ends up being the one to ask how I am and to help me. All the time he helps me. I am SO blessed with him.:o)

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