Friday, March 21, 2014


Why? It's a simple question. It becomes not so simple when I am asking God that question.

Why did he allow me to get Sjogren's Syndrome?

I'm trying to keep in mind that there is a reason why I have it. Why He placed this burden on me. It's part of His plan. And I may not know for years, or ever, why. Why?

Recently I read this and felt so much comfort from it...

"Let's sit still for just a moment or two today. Quiet, without the weight of condemnation or the swirl of trying to figure things out. Quiet, with nothing but the absolute assurance the Spirit helps us in our weakness.

He knows what to pray. He understands our weak places. There is a purpose to this weak place. Though it doesn’t feel good, things will be worked out in a way that good will come from it, (Romans 8:28)- Lysa Terkeurst"

Whatever God's reason for this, it's bound to be something amazing, I have to think that.

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Anonymous said...

I ask why a lot. I know I shouldn't question God but sometimes you just get so down. One day I say Why me and my husbands response was why not you. God does everything for reason it's hard especially with young kids some days