Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Executive Decision

Last year my girly was in her school musical and they had a bake sale during the performances. They were trying to offset some of the costs of running the production. I made some super cute heart shaped popcorn balls.

This year L was in the musical again and I had been waiting for the bake sale paper to be sent home. When I never got a paper I just assumed they weren't having a bake sale. Until I saw a friend's post on Facebook in which she talked about making stuff for this year's bake sale.

My first thought was, "Guess I was wrong.". My second thought was, "How did my husband not see the bake sale paper when he's been picking up our daughter from practice?".

It turns out, he saw the paper. The several times they handed it out. He just made the executive decision to not bring one home to me, knowing that I would feel the need to bake while being sick.

Sometimes I think he knows me better than I do! 

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