Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We spent Easter at my parent's house, where my mom had an egg hunt for my girly. L has been super into Legos lately, so my mom bought the Cinderella castle and split the Legos up into forty different easter eggs for her to find. She had a crazy amount of fun looking for them.

As the day went along my baby girl slowly started to become really miserable thanks to her allergies. By bed time she was so sad the day was over, angry that she had to go to bed, and miserable because of her allergies. The only thing that seemed to "comfort" her was the promise that I would put the Cinderella castle together, for her, while she was asleep and have it done for her in the morning.

Three hours later and I could swear that the Lego company hates Mamas with arthritis!!
And then finally I was done.... Boy did my hands hurt! But it was worth it when she saw the castle put together in the morning!!

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