Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lesson Learned

I spent two hours outside, yesterday morning, watching my girly play her first soccer game of the season. Loved every minute of it. I did not love the sunburn I got thanks to my Plaquenil. I should take the warning on the bottle, "Avoid prolonged sun exposure" more seriously. I somehow manage to forget this every spring!!

I guess I'll be sitting under a golf umbrella at practice today! (- :o)


Anonymous said...

I have Sjorgren's and two boys that play soccer. Love watching the game but my immune system is not the same. After the games I can't breathe, eyes burning and it's terrible. My husband fuss when I don't put on sunscreen. Doctor said I need to wear a visor but preferably a hat to every game. I get tired of the umbrella thingy.

Life of Sjorgren's and soccer mom

Blogger Mama said...

Exactly! I still got burnt with the umbrella at practice. So I guess it will be a visor, sunscreen, AND an umbrella.