Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Sjogren's Vernacular

Yesterday was a loooooong day for me. We spent the morning worrying about all the rain pouring down and then finding it's way into our basement. There was a lot of empty trashcan maneuvering involved to catch the rain that overflowed our gutters (which incidentally are getting cleaned next Tuesday, bleh).

My lunch shift at work was crazy as well. I could have sworn it was "National spill your milk in the cafeteria so your lunch monitor is forced to clean milk off the floors, walls (yes, I mean walls!), tables, and finally herself Day". I left work feeling like I had taken part in some crazy lunch marathon.

Next up was shopping. About half way through my grocery list I started to feel my energy levels seriously lagging. I knew that feeling well. I've experienced it before and so I knew what was coming. I realized that I needed to pull together what energy I had left to get my shopping done with quickly before I crashed. I managed to get finished fairly quickly. I hit the snag when I got in the slow check out lane. The customer in front of me asked the cashier how much everything cost with and without her bonus buy card that she could use with the purchases. So I spent about an extra ten minutes standing in line. Then I spent an extra seemed like a bazillion five minutes while my cashier checked out everything I had in my cart. And when I say "checked out" I don't mean that she rang up my purchases. Well, okay, she did do that. But I mean to say that she looked very closely at everything I had bought and read the backs of packages checked out my groceries.

By the time I got to my car I was just done. I found myself at the back of my car, just staring at my groceries, with a bag half way out of the cart. Just standing there. Trying to remember just what exactly I was supposed to be doing with the bags of groceries that were in my cart. I don't know, I must have looked pretty pathetic or maybe a little bewildered, because the next thing I know one of the stores employees was putting my bags of groceries into the back of my car. He was cheerily chatting away at me as if nothing about the situation was out of the ordinary. When he was finished he shut the cars trunk for me, waved goodbye, and took my cart away for me, as I somehow managed to find my way into the front seat of my car.

And then it hit me. I had officially entered into my (get ready for some fantastic Sjogren's Syndrome vernacular that I have made up to perfectly describe some situations that I find myself in) "Sjoggie Stupid" phase. I let myself get too tired and the "stupid" set in. It is summed up like this...

Sjoggie Stupid: When a Sjogren's patient becomes so tired that they suddenly are rendered stupid leaving them incapable of doing the most general every day activities that they would ordinarily be able to do on a daily basis. Ie; filling your gas, tying shoes, transferring groceries, following a recipe, unscrewing lids, buttoning shirts, spelling the word especially, etc. (Usually brought on by overdoing things or pushing limits)

I sat in my car and relaxed for a few minutes while I pondered my Sjoggie Stupidness, had a good laugh, popped some candy for the sugar, and felt well enough to drive home then. Once I got home I crashed.

Now that I am feeling much better I decided that I had to get everything down in writing to share with you. So there you have it, new vernacular for the Sjogren's patient.

Monday, May 5, 2014


"Think of what you have rather than of what you lack. Of the things you have, select the best and then reflect how eagerly you would have sought them if you did not have them."
- Marcus Aurelius

This is a great thought to keep in mind. Sometimes it can be hard to focus on the good rather than the things that are troubling you. Things that crowd your thinking and can seem like a thunder cloud over your thoughts.

There's always a way to find something positive even in the worst things in your life. It's a way of thinking. Of living. Again, not always easy to do, but brings infinitely more joy or satisfaction to your every day.

Friday, May 2, 2014


(Originally found here )

I have shared some of The Piano Guys videos before and just had to share this one as well as it is insanely beautiful!