Sunday, June 29, 2014

Brain Fog Burn Out

It's been forever I've posted. Partially (a very small amount) because I haven't felt "heard" lately. But mostly because I feel like life has been pretty crazy in the last six months and I've been putting all my energy into myself and my family. So,  promised to be better at posting!

I don't often have brain fog. I try pretty hard to avoid it by not taking on too much at once. I've gotten fairly good at knowing my limits now. However, sometimes it just comes on me without warning or having done anything to have brought it on. When that happens all bets are off. You can just forget about me functioning in my normal fabulously efficient way. Just, pooof, gone! Then I turn Sjoggie Stupid and I'm not good for anything beyond sitting somewhere watching the trees sway, in the breeze, with a pleasantly confused look on my face. And it makes all of my common sense completely disappear on that breeze blowing through those trees!

In the last year our schedules have gotten insane. Soccer practices here, pick up a snack for school, "teacher needs me to bring in some wipes", the dog needs to go to the groomers, "Hun, did you get me that hummus at the store?", "Did I forget to tell you that they said I'm supposed to wear that t-shirt, the one that's all wrinkly waiting to be washed, tomorrow to school?", and doctors appointments there. Oy! I have about a zillion things covering my kitchen walls and counters as reminders. There may or may not be a napkin covered in birthday party info, laying on my kitchen island. I also have EVERYTHING in my phone, activated to set off a reminder at an appropriate time before an event. I would be lost without my phone's calendar!

One of my biggest anxieties at the moment is forgetting things because brain fog sets in. Dropping the ball. Most of the time it really wouldn't be a big deal if I forgot something. But I have a fear of letting people down, by me forgetting something.