Thursday, July 17, 2014

App Love

You guys! I just recently bought an iphone for the first time. I have been perusing the various apps that are offered since I bought the phone. And I came across one that I am undoubtedly going to love and wanted to share!

So without further introduction, I give you....


When you have as many medications as I do, it's REALLY easy to drop the ball and forget to refill your medication in enough time before you run out. iRxHelper takes take of that for you!

There are categories in this app to allow you to organize all your family members medications. After you add the family members you can go into each and add the medications that each person takes.

Here is a list of my medications (minus one I think). That's a lot of medications to try and keep track of refilling!

When you want to add a medication you click on the + sign and it asks you
to answer all the questions, which you can find on your medication bottle. (There a few extra questions that I wasn't able to show in this picture.)

When you are finished the app gives you an opportunity to calculate

when your prescription will be due to be refilled again. Then it will notify you within the amount of time that you choose in the "Settings" area of the app. I chose 14 days since it takes a crazy long time to get my refills. When a refill is due a number will appear in the corner of the app to let you know you should refill something soon. So the picture is showing that I have two medications that need to be called in for refill.

It may seem a tad complicated while you are setting up the medications at first, but I see this being a HUGE help to me (or any patient with a lot of medications)!!!

**Disclaimer** I was NOT paid or contacted, in any way, by this company to write this blog post.

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AutoimmuneGal said...

Looks very cool and helpful. Thanks for sharing.