Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Too Much Birthday Fun

We had a birthday party for my girly a week or so ago. It was held at a park. We lathered on the sunscreen, and wore hats expecting an 88 degree, bright, sun-shiny day. It was hot. Hot and muggy. It only lasted for about forty minutes and then the sky opened up and poured. The kids LOVED it!! The sun, the rain, and the puddles.

I thought that since I had only been out in the "sun" for forty minutes that I would be okay. And when I write, "sun", I mean under a tree in the shade kind of sun shine you get on an 88 degree summer day. So, it wasn't completely out of the question that I might feel okay the evening after the party. Especially given that it usually takes a couple of hours, in the full on sun and heat, before I feel the effects the same evening.

I was wrong. I don't know what sent my plan into a tail spin, but it plainly did not work out the way I expected. Maybe it was how hot it was in combination with the mugginess. Or, perhaps, I wasn't as "in the shade" as I thought I was. That evening, as we sat on the couch snuggled up and watching Harry Potter, I started to feel my "sun sickness" kick in. It begins with a sluggishness that fills my body, next I start to feel a little achy, my head begins to feel as if someone is stuffing it with cotton before it begins to hurt, and finally my face gets hots and I start to feel a little bit chilly as if I have a fever. Sometimes, this is accompanied by nausea. Fortunately, for me I did not have that with this time.

I suppose where I am going with all of this is this, Sjogren's Syndrome (or really any chronic illness) brings with it a very real need to constantly reassess things. Every time you think you have a handle on things it goes and switches things up on you. Which is why I am happy that I have gotten so adept at thinking outside of the box!


Julia Oleinik said...

Bingo. Your assessment of the need to be flexible and clever when dealing with Sjogren's is right on the money. Feel better!

Blogger Mama said...

Thanks Julia, I am feeling better now! I am now even more "alert" about the sun (than I thought I was before ha ha ha)!