Saturday, October 18, 2014

40 before 40

 I wrote this blog post back in October of 2010.  Looking at it today I realized that I had things I was able to cross off my list.  Yay me!!......

I've been inspired by this blogger. A list of forty things she's always wanted to do before she gets to be 40.  There are some majorly cool things on her list.  I don't think I will ever be as cool.  But it made me wonder what might be on my list that I've always wanted to do (and some that I have already done) ...

#1...Sandals Montego Bay Jamaica
1. Renew my vows on a beach in Jamaica where we honeymooned.

2. Karioke... 'nough said.

3. Take part in a fund raising walk for Sjogren's Syndrome. 

4. Get a tattoo that I've designed myself.

5. Sit in a pub in Ireland.

6. Finish a will.   edited--We finished one right before our trip!

7. Move into a new house.  One that has everything that we want.

8. Go to the beach with both sets of Grandparents.

9. Go on vacation out of the country.

10. Attend a black tie event.

11. Get a passport.

12. Take my daughter to Disneyworld and Universal Studios.   edited--And now we're headed back again sometime in December!

13. Become a better listener.

14. Be a "cool mom".    edited--Or at least I was for a brief moment in time!

15. Have professional family pictures taken.  edited-- And my husband even lived to tell the tale!

16. Rescue a dog.

17. Rescue a cat.

18. Take a romantic walk in the rain with my husband.

19. Go to Niagara Falls.

20. Take L to Niagara Falls.

21. Drop L off at preschool and not cry until I've left. 

#23.... Found in Utah.  Which would also satisfy # 35!

22. Same goes for kindergarten.

23. Sleep in a hotel room with no roof.

24. Be brave enough to try sushi.

25. Find some AMAZING friends who "get me".

26. Accept my limitations better.  edited--I have worked SUPER hard at this one. Though, I still have moments when I struggle with it I think I have come to a better understanding of my limits. Even though I may not always like them.

27. Decide if we're done having kids.

28. Become a mom.

29. Volunteer in L's preschool class.

30. Feel empowered.

31. Visit New England again.  edited--My hubbster and I managed to get a whole week away in New England to celebrate our ten year anniversary. Now we desperately want to get back there!

32. Go on a trip with just my girlfriends.

33. Take a vacation with just my mom.

34. See a musical on Broadway.

35. Visit my 20th state. (At 19 now.)  edited--Thanks to our New England trip I am not at 21 states thanks to Rhode Island and Maine!

36. Fly first class.

37. Become more confidant.

38. Finish an awesome devotional book.

39. Walk in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

40.Do some freelance photo editing work.

I officially now have six years. Only 16 more to go!!! And of course I know that there's probably NO WAY that I will actually accomplish all of these. A girl can wish! I'll be crossing things off as I go.


Anonymous said...

I love this! Seeing I'm only 5 years and 3 1/2 months from 40 I'd better get on it! :) -Andrea

Blogger Mama said...

Seriously! It's pretty fulfilling to cross things off the list!