Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stay Positive

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I recently exchanged e-mails with a lovely reader and wanted to share a brief paragraph, I wrote to her, that I thought is very relatable to many of us Sjoggies...

"Staying positive is a BIG DEAL while dealing with chronic illnesses of any sort. I have found that to be especially true while being a mom. Being a mom, in and of itself, is a hard thing to get used to. Yes, you love your kiddo more than life itself! But that doesn't mean it's not hard getting adjusted to it at times. Throw in dealing with an auto immune disease and "watch out! the ship is sinking!". Keeping a positive attitude (and maybe being willing to laugh at your situation a little bit) is the difference between having your hands or a bucket to bail water out of your auto immune disease boat"

It seems, for me at least, keeping myself upbeat and staying positive can make all the difference. Especially since being negative can lead to stress which can cause our bodies to be even more unhappy with us about things.

So, keep a little humor in your life and smile.  :O)

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Anonymous said...

Love it. If we don't laugh at our situation sometime we will constantly be sad and depressed. I always say it's always something. There's something new every time I turn around. So sometimes I laugh just to stay fresh and not to break for my kids. Sometimes others that don't go through just don't understand, especially when they don't have young kids.