Monday, February 23, 2015


This is one of my favorite pictures from my whole Disney trip. Maybe it's the bright colors. Or it could be that blue sky filled with so much hope of a beautiful day. I think it's probably the carefree weightless feeling to the picture. It makes me happy.

Here's hoping you have a "weightless" day friends!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Busy Baby Resting Mommy; Crayon Rocks

I was recently reminded of the fact that I haven't done many Busy Baby Resting Mommy posts. So I have a few to add in the future of things that my girly and I have done recently. Today activity is a great way to let your kids get creative while allowing you to relax.

What you'll need...

Crayons (with some of the paper peeled off)
Flat rocks
Cookie sheet
Tinfoil or wax paper


Preheat oven
Line cookie sheet with tinfoil.
Put rocks on cookie sheet and into oven.
350 degree for 15 minutes
Pull out the cookie sheet and let your kiddo go to town with those crayons on their rocks! (It may be obvious for me to say this but, just make sure they don't touch them they will be hot hot hot.)

Monday, February 9, 2015


I know I shared this picture on my Facebook page recently. I just loved it so much that I wanted to share it here as well.

I usually look at snow falls with mixed feelings. It's so beautiful with everything being covered in a soft white covering of snow. And, often, while it's falling the world outside becomes muted and peaceful. However, my world inside often becomes loud and full of begging. "Mama, it's snowing!! Can we go out?!?!!" My girly gets so excited to go venture out into the world of snow, as most kids do. The thought of snow, during the week fills me with dread because of the venturing out into that happens.

Before you start thinking things about what an awful Mom I am I'd like the chance to defend myself, please! Generally it takes quite awhile to get a kiddo dressed in all their many layers for them to go out and conquer their snow piles. Shirts, multiple pairs of pants or pants and a layer of snow pants, boots, gloves, hats, scarves, and finally a coat get put on. And then... it's my turn to get everything on to go outside. Then there's the playing outside in the snow part.

Don't get me wrong I always have fun playing with my kiddo in the snow. However, all that energy used + someone with low energy already and poor circulation = not a good thing! Basically I usually spend the rest of the day trying to get back to normal. (AKA. feeling like I can walk from the couch to the bathroom without any issues.) And I will probably end up wearing a hat and a scarf on top of my sweatshirt for the rest of the day. No. Lie.

My favorite snows? Are the ones that happen on the weekend. Then my husband gets to have the pleasure of getting our girly ready and go outside with her. I get to sit on the couch, with our window cracked open so we can talk to each other, while my hubster and L are outside. So I get to be a part of the fun without doing the part that would leave me exhausted and shaking from the cold for the rest of the day.

I'm seriously past the point of sitting in a pout wishing I was outside with my daughter. It does me no good. And it definitely, does no good for L. So I found myself a way to do what I want in a way that will still be friendly to my body and health. Finding a way to take part in life, just with little tweaks that make it fit into my life, is key when dealing with a chronic illness. :O)

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Shining

Recently, I decided to be a little bit more relaxed and just give in to my hair's natural wavy/curliness.

I got some great new product for it that's supposed to encourage curl. I love the name. "Not your Mothers Kinky Moves". Yep. You read that right!!

Besides the delightfully sassy name, it smells downright delicious. So good I'm slightly tempted to eat it when I am half asleep and attempting to blow dry my hair in the mornings!

My 8 1/2 year loves it too. (The 1/2 is apparently a VERY important distinction to make!) The other morning, every time I turned around I found her standing behind me. Standing there all what-I'm-not-doing-anything like. Sorta like those creepy red rum girls in The Shining movie. If I turned back around I would hear her trying to quietly sniff my hair on the down-low.

If this alone were the creepiest thing she did, before school, we would have been good!

As we were snuggling on the couch I caught my girly leaning closer and closer to me every time I snuck a peak of her out of the corner of my eye. I mean, I was one hot second away from screaming, "Here's Johnny!", at her and running for the door. I didn't think she'd fully appreciate the reference though, so I just looked at her and attempted to give her a sweet mommy smile.

In response to this she picked up a strand of my hair, shoved it against her nose, and sniffed it like she was trying to sniff all of the smell out of it. And leave my hair with no smell. At all. (Which, incidentally, would be really weird!) Then she gazed at me with the most loving expression and said, "Mama, I love the smell of your hair so much that I want to rip some of your hair out of your head and carry it around in my pocket all day long and pull it out and sniff it whenever I want. That's how much I love it!".

I was so thrown off by what she said that I just sat there and blinked at her for a few seconds before calmly asking, "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?". Then she giggled at me and continued to watch TV as if it had never happened.

So, I wanted to share this because I know that it's an amusing little story to make you smile today. But also, if I go missing check with my daughter first!