Monday, February 16, 2015

Busy Baby Resting Mommy; Crayon Rocks

I was recently reminded of the fact that I haven't done many Busy Baby Resting Mommy posts. So I have a few to add in the future of things that my girly and I have done recently. Today activity is a great way to let your kids get creative while allowing you to relax.

What you'll need...

Crayons (with some of the paper peeled off)
Flat rocks
Cookie sheet
Tinfoil or wax paper


Preheat oven
Line cookie sheet with tinfoil.
Put rocks on cookie sheet and into oven.
350 degree for 15 minutes
Pull out the cookie sheet and let your kiddo go to town with those crayons on their rocks! (It may be obvious for me to say this but, just make sure they don't touch them they will be hot hot hot.)

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