Monday, May 25, 2015

Color Run

Last year I found out that the 5K Color Run was coming to Hershey. The run promotes health and making fitness fun by "releasing" (read pelting) color at you. By the end of the race you are a virtual rainbow. I wanted to take part so badly. 

Then the fears kicked in. Can I walk the whole thing? Would my asthma give me issues after breathing in the colored powder? If I got the powder in my eyes would it cause issues for my Sjogrens? The worries and what ifs circled in my head. And I let them defeat me. I gave in to my fears and gave up on my "dream".

The day of the race I sat in my defeat and watched all my friends Color Run pictures fly by on Facebook.

This year. This year, I wanted to take part so badly. Then the fears kicked it. 

Until my greatest fan came along to kick those fears in the butt. My husband reminded me about how strong I am. He told me about the woman I am, who is living life with Sjogrens. Who is LIVING and not letting Sjogrens run my life. I heard stories of the times I've set out to do things, thought I would fail, and conquered. My husband who has taught me so much about myself and what I can accomplish gave me the courage to try. 

So, I threw it into the wind and said, "I'll do my best and be happy that I didn't let my fear and Sjogrens win."! 

My mom, aunt, and cousin decided to join me too! I won't lie and tell you it was all a walk in the park. It was hot. And there were some really steep hills. I reached the finish line tired but exhilarated. I made it, gloriously covered in a rainbow of colors and sparkling like a unicorn! Ha! You think I'm joking!

Take that Sjogrens!!

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