Sunday, February 21, 2016


Hello again, I haven't been very good about keeping up with my blog. (Insert embarrassed face here.) Truth? My only excuse? I have been having troubles, in the past six months, with juggling things. Being a mom (and alllll that entails), work, and managing my health have become huge for me in the last six months.

Having said that, I'm still having little conversations with people when I can to educate about invisible illness and chronic illness. Both of which often overlap each other. I regularly feel like I'm embarrassed to tell people about my various health problems. It's a perceived weakness, in society. But really it's proof that I'm strong.

I'm strong enough to get up and out of my bed every day despite anxiety popping up that can be crushing to one's spirit. I'm strong enough to push past the joint and muscle pain that plague me throughout the day. I'm strong enough to run all the "mom errands", ignore the exhaustion, and still make it to my daughter's soccer games. I'm strong enough to accept my limitations and know when to push myself and went to sit back and watch. I'm strong enough to come up with other ways to express myself when words are simply failing because of Brain Fog. I'm strong enough to find little blessings in every day rather than letting the weight of chronic illness bury me.

Wish we could turn the tables on the perceptions of chronic illness and shine the light on the strength of those living every day with their illness.