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I am currently a 31 year old stay at home mom to my beautiful daughter "L". My husband works so that I can stay home and raise our daughter. Like most moms, it is sometimes a 24 hour job, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! My daughter and I love to throw ourselves into new adventures and experiences, with excitement.

 We have done so many things with our group of friends.  Quite a lot of it being things that most kids don't get the chance to experience.  There have been trips to our local farmer's market Strite's Orchard to pick apples in their orchard, deer and squirrel spottings on a walk near downtown Hershey, and "wild animal" feedings at a semi-local attraction Lake Tobias. My daughter has been stripped down to be cleaned off after; playing with food coloring ice cubes, pudding painting, run-ins with a pond, thrown handfuls of sand, mud pies, glitter glue mishaps, and many many baking adventures, by herself and with friends.

The only thing that can sometimes curb my enthusiasm for my "second childhood" is Sjogren's Syndrome (Sjs).  (I also have another unspecified connective tissue disorder, Asthma, Rosacea, and chronic bouts of Blepharitis.) Almost six years ago I had my daughter.  What, do you ask, does this have to do with my Sjs? Just sit back and get yourself something fruity to drink...One thing I have forgotten to mention, about myself, is my ability to ramble and go completely off subject at a moments notice.  My husband calls this the Squirrel Syndrome (from the movie Up)...And there was your very first experience with my rambling. Any..way....Following having my daughter I was having some not so nice symptoms that I hadn't had beforehand.  Headaches, body pain, dry eyes and mouth, and extreme exhaustion. To make a long story short, or not as long, I went to many specialist before I found my wonderful rheumatologist, Dr. A.  It took multiple tests, a lip biopsy and many many months for the diagnosis I have. It seemed like a long time to me, but now I am learning that my "process" took an amazingly short amount of time compared to the years that it takes some to travel the same journey to enlightenment.

To say the least having Sjogren's can sometimes feel like having a huge, nasty, energy sucking, moisture evaporating monster hanging over my shoulder.  At other times I can almost, almost forget that it's there in the purest moments of life. I am not setting out a soapbox to preach from, but I would like to bring some notice to Sjs.  Even if it's only on this very low key level!  Or if I could humbly encourage some, through my experiences, to live their lives to the fullest despite what "issues" they may have, then I would be a very happy lady.  

So now I am off to make some frozen strawberry lemonade with my girlie. Mmmmm!

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